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T-shirt yarn garments and sweaters decorated with fabric strips


Garments woven with fabric strips can be used both in summer and winter. The tighter the stitch the warmer it is and viceversa, achieveing a fresher piece for a mid-season.

Today we are going to admire artisan work made with recycled fabrics of original confection and innovative design: beautiful creations in garments with fabric strips to wear. Continue reading

Warm garments: gloves, slippers, collars and XL crochet ponchos


Today we are going to share warm garments and accessories, ideal for cold days, because the woven fabric is warm and has a pleasant texture. As an example, these zibbet’s fingerless gloves¬†are one of the warm crochet garments that you’ll see today, in addition to other accessories woven in recycled fabric: a scarf, slippers and an XL poncho (dedicated to my mother who weaves ponchos). Continue reading