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T-shirt yarn knitted beanies


In autumn, with the start of the cold weather -or just for fun- we begin to think about the family members who need coats and hats, because we like to knit and that way we can create handmade garments to give them with the affection that we put in the hours of knitting. One of the accessories we most use in the cold weather are beanies and as usual in this blog we think in t-shirt yarn knitted beanies. Continue reading

Schemes of t-shirt yarn baskets with handles


T-shirt yarn baskets with handles have a lot of uses, either for decoration or to organize objects to maintain order in your house. You can use this kind of baskets for toys (so the children can easily carry them from one side to another), for dirty clothes, for sewing objects, etc. Anyway… each person can give the t-shirt yarn baskets the utility they like and at the same time keep their home clear and tidy using a beautiful object made with crochet and recycled fabric. Continue reading

Schemes for T-shirt yarn puffs

Schemes for T-shirt yarn puffs

A puff is a very practical and decorative object because you can weave them in different colors and forms. Also, you can use them in anywhere in the house, and move or stack them if you need more space. Puffs create a modern and relaxed ambient, and is better if you can make them just using T-shirt yarn.

Today we are going to share some models and schemes for T-shirt yarn puffs, you can make them in crochet or fringed. Continue reading