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Pictures made with recycled fabric and woven tapestries


Today, we are going to share some models of tapestries made with recycled fabric that are worth enjoying, for example, the main photo which shows pictures made with recycled fabric created by Arab students. Continue reading

Furniture made with recycled fabric


This chair made with recycled T-shirt fabric is a sample of the modern and ecological furniture designs that are made through textile recycling. Reusing fabrics is a tendency of environmental friendly decoration that every day gains more adepts, because you can achieve furniture of great beauty without using new resources and contribute to minimize textile waste. Continue reading

40 Ideas for recycling jeans

40 Ideas for recycling jeans

If we think of recycling textiles, there is a perfect material for reuse: the denim or jeans, a durable fabric that has a fairly long life.

But what can you make with old jeans? Let us be inspired by these ideas, because there are fantastic creations you can make with this material. Continue reading