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How to make necklaces with simple knots


A few months ago we saw in our blog various models of necklaces with simple knots, very beautiful and that seemed simple to make. But never hurts to have a step by step that shows us how to recreate these accessories so knittiamo help us make this beautiful necklace. Continue reading

Inspiration to make t-shirt yarn necklaces


T-shirt yarn necklaces are a modern complement and because of its beauty and originality have become very popular, and the use of t-shirt yarn has a very important benefit for the environment because anyone is able to recycle fabrics or use surplus textiles in the creation of costume jewelry. Continue reading

Necklaces and pendants made of recycled fabric


Bijouterie made with recycled fabric (especially necklaces and pendants) is a fashion trend, like other recycled complements that are a mixture of ingenuity, ecological conscience and appreciation of the beauty of things made by hand.

Fortunately, more and more people are adding to this trend, recycling to create a future of environmentally friendly bijou accessories. Continue reading

Accessories made of T-shirt yarn and chains (products, tutorials and videos)

Accessories made of T-shirt yarn and chains (products tutorials and videos)

T-shirt yarn and chains are a great combination for making jewelry. With these materials you can achieve a piece with the shine of metal and the color of recycled fabric. If you like this idea keep reading, because today we are going to share with you some tutorials and videos to learn how to make accessories with chains and recycled fabric. Continue reading

DIY: models of recycled fabric necklaces

DIY models of recycled fabric necklaces

Get inspired to make T-shirt yarn necklaces looking at the models we are going to share with you today. These designs allow you to know the possible uses for recycled fabric and give you the opportunity to create your own model, because you can adapt the original ideas to your likings. Continue reading

Elegant and simple knot necklaces


To make a T-shirt yarn necklace you donĀ“t need to know advanced techniques of macrame or crochet because weaving the strips of fabric with simple knots you can create elegant, funny and modern necklaces. The keys to make these original and easy designs are combining colors, connecting various sections of weaved T-shirt yarn and adding a chain or a clasp. Continue reading