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How to make the “grain of corn” stitch


Since we shared in our blog the work of Mielie many of you have asked us how to make the stitch called “grain of corn” with t-shirt yarn to make carpets, bags and other utilities or accessories. The original tutorial is a PDF so we are going to make a little introduction to it and then share the tutorial to make this beautiful and original stitch. Continue reading

Step by step crochet: starting knot and chain stitch

Step by step crochet starting knot and chain stitch

If you are a beginner weaver, you must know the basic stitches to start your practice in crochet, that is why we are going to share with you the main stitches, so you can practice with fabric strips in order to acquire skill, speed and tidiness in your work. Continue reading

How to weave T-shirt yarn with 2 needles

How to weave T-shirt yarn with 2 needles

When you are learning crochet with 2 needles generally the first job you make is a scarf, that’s why to make a T-shirt yarn rug or tablecloth with this technique is really easy, the only difference is that you must use a pair of big needles and the stitches must be large.

You can use any scheme of weaving with 2 needles to make a T-shirt yarn rug, and this way you can practice this kind of weaving. Continue reading