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Crochet rug “mandala”: step by step


Today we are going to show you a crochet rug “mandala” that is not hard to do and looks beautiful. This is a pattern that you can follow with these detailed directions: ring, chain, slip stitch and double crochet.

Look how beautiful the tutorial we will see today is, thanks to the friendly and creative friends of craft.tutsplus. Continue reading

T-shirt yarn hippie chic necklace tutorial


In some fashion magazines you can find this relaxed and elegant style called “hippie chic“, which is a design style inspired somewhere between the aesthetics imposed by Janis Joplin and Christian Dior respectively.

The truth is that the T-shirt yarn necklace we are going to show you today is simple and an innovative eco design, perfect to wear with casual outfits (jeans or comfortable clothing) and to combine with a stylish clothing for a romantic date. You can learn how to make this T-shirt yarn necklace thanks to craft.tutsplus’s instructions. Continue reading

Homemade loom for T-Shirt yarn

Homemade loom for T-Shirt yarn

Today we are going to show you how to make a homemade loom to work with T-Shirt yarn, an ideal implement to make a variety of woven accessories.

With this loom you will be able to make scarfs, rugs, mats and other fabric crafts; this is possible because you can vary the measure of the loom to adjust it.

This is a very good idea to keep in mind when you are going to knit with T-Shirt yarn, because it is very easy. Continue reading