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Video: easy carpet with fabric strips in “accordion”


Seeing this handmade decorative accessory finished, no one would say that it’s easy to make this carpet, however, if you watch the video showing the step by step you’ll notice that not only it’s simple but you can do it without any costs using recycled fabrics or that you can simplify the work using a variety of colors of t-shirt yarn. Continue reading

Decorate a shirt with a heart of fabric strips


Today we’ll show you a very creative way to decorate a girl’s shirt or dress using strips of fabric and a sewing machine. In Afamily’s tutorial you’ll learn how to do it and will be able to give your girls a nice and funny garment that they will adore, decorated with strips of fabric in graduated colors. Continue reading

Chain Braid: The easiest method to make a crochet rug


Here you have the easiest method to make a crocheted rug that seems to be made with braids and is simply created by making chains with fabric strips and a crochet needle. There is no crochet stitch easier to make and can even be knitted with your hands. Continue reading

T-shirt yarn heart (to decorate fabrics)


This heart made of t-shirt yarn is ideal to decorate fabric bags, baskets, carpets and any other accessory made with recycled fabric. This heart made of strips of fringed fabric is very beautiful and is a detail that will give color to creations in t-shit yarn woven in crochet, with two needles or loom. Let’s see how to make this cute little heart with strips of fabric in pink, fuchsia, red or the colors you like. Continue reading

An easy way to make a bracelet with recycled fabric

An easy way to make a bracelet with recycled fabric

With two strips of recycled fabric you can learn this easy way to make a bracelet, you just have to choose 2 colors of your preference and follow the steps we are going to share with you. The advantage is that you don’t need to know how to crochet or make any macramé knots, so let’s start. Continue reading

How to make a fringed cushion

How to make a fringed cushion

It`s really easy to make a fringed cushion, all you need is time and patience because if you want to make a big cushion you need to tie at least 2.500 fabric strips, but the result is totally worth it. You can achieve a gorgeous cushion with a very nice texture.

Justcraftyenough shows us the step by step to make a fringed cushion so you only need to follow these instructions to create an original and beautiful cushion for your home. Continue reading

Pattern to make a crochet tablecloth

Pattern to make a crochet tablecloth

With T-shirt yarn you will be able to weave a tablecloth, because with this material you can achieve a functional object with a nice texture and a beautiful aspect that modernizes the table’s decoration.

Today we are going to share with you a pattern to make a crochet tablecloth that you can weave with fabric strips of the colors that you prefer to combine the tablecloth with the decoration of your home. Continue reading