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Step by step of 5 different t-shirt yarn baskets

3a1The models of t-shirt yarn baskets we are going to share today are adorable in addition to being super decorative and modern.

Today we┬┤ll share several step by step to make t-shirt yarn baskets with their links to see the instructions, to follow them with patience and neatness. The goal is to achieve a beautiful XL basket for your house or to make a very special gift. Continue reading


Mini basket for cosmetics


Today we are going to share a nice and useful idea: to make a fabric mini basket with a bow to hang it. We can use it as a cosmetic holder or give it as a gift. In addition, the pattern with triangles is very beautiful and we can do it with the colors of T-shirt yarn of our choice to match the colors of our bathroom. Continue reading

Diagram for a t-shirt yarn basket with handles


In my opinion a t-shirt yarn basket with handles is the most useful organizer because you can organize the house in a heartbeat, and if you have children, they can keep there their toys, being able to drag the basket all over the house and have fun in the place they choose. Continue reading