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Mini garden to use as organizer

Mini garden to use as organizer

Many times we need to have at hand the needles, scissors and other materials to work with and what else could we want more than have a herb garden made of recycled fabric, nice and decorative, where we can have things and keep them at hand?

Today we will share a lovely tutorial to teach you step by step how to make this original organizer of grass made of fabric. Continue reading

Simple ideas for decoratig with T-Shirt yarn

Ideas t-shirt yarn

This decorated cushion made with T-Shirt yarn in the proof that you don’t need to think in elaborated works to decorate with recycled fabric. With good taste and a little help to inspire us, there are a lot of cute details we can do to our home.

Today, we are going to show you some ideas for decorating with T-Shirt yarn. Continue reading

Stitch to embroider with T-Shirt yarn


T-Shirt yarn embroidery is an excellent choice when decorating with recycled fabric. With diverse kinds of stitch you can achieve very beautiful decorations on pillows, rugs, lamps, throws and most diverse objects imaginable.

Today we are going to look at some ideas to decorate cushions with T-Shirt yarn embroidery and a stitch you can use to do it. Continue reading