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T-shirt yarn garlands


Contrary to what you may think, garlands are not only an exclusive ornament to use at Christmas time but with a little imagination you can change their appearance to make a beautiful and original decoration for the door of your house in any season of the year. In fact, you can be inspired by the seasons to make a different garland and change the decoration of your doors whenever you want. Continue reading

Original ideas to decorate with t-shirt yarn

ideas-trapilloThese quilts for candles -creation of hiphergebruik– are an excellent idea to decorate with t-shirt yarn or make a special handmade gift. We have seen that with fabric strips we can make many decorations for our house and today we’ll see original ideas to use t-shirt yarn to make ornaments, utilities and decorative complements.

Ideas to decorate with t-shirt yarn

This is a very ingenious idea that we found in koukutettu. The idea is to make chains or braids and then form words or messages that adhere on a panel. A special way to convey a warm message and at the same time decorate our house.



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I’m sure the plant lovers have already made fabric pots with the models we have seen in T-shirt yarn flower pots.

But we can also make hanging pots with strips of fabric, like these models that share ajjan (the orange hanging pot) and designsponge (the pot holder for several sherds).



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For those who have a sewing machine at home, the next idea can be useful both to decorate shower curtains and to make it on other decorative fabrics, such as curtains.

All you have is to make a drawing on the fabric and then sewing the strips of fabric slightly gathered, forming a ruffled one. The result is very nice, and we can do it relatively easily. This is an idea of liveinternet to take into account to make an original decoration with fabric.


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Images: trapillo

Fun decorations with recycled fabrics

2a4An outdoor wedding, a wild environment, flowers, candles, friends and a beautiful decoration with recycled fabrics and costume jewelry. It’s romantic, sweet and special, isn’t it? I loved this idea of using t-shirt yarn to decorate and today you’ll be inspired by images of different designs, as well as simple ornaments you can make for special occasions. Continue reading

Illuminated fabric accessories


This amazing carpet with LED lights included is Hyrkäs Johanna’s design and is just one of the great ideas for decorating with illuminated fabric accessories. The light that the LED radiates through the fabric creates a fantastic, very warm and modern effect on the weave of the fabric (and other materials), becoming an innovative way to decorate your home. Continue reading

Decorate hangers with t-shirt yarn and macrame


Today we’ll show you a pretty, practical and quite simple idea to make, because using different knots of macrame you can decorate hangers with t-shirt yarn or recycled fabric. The idea is to bring color and style to metal or plastic hangers so you can modernize the wardrobe with these decorated clothes hangers. Continue reading

Models and patterns to make crochet hearts

Models and patterns to make crochet hearts

There are several ways to make a crochet heart: flat, with volume or empty (to fill it and make a cushion, for example). Today we are going to share a few ways to make crochet hearts, so you can choose the technique that fits your needs.

Here we have different crochet hearts with various grades of difficulty that you can follow step by step and make a crochet heart to decorate your home or to make an original gift. Continue reading

Pattern for a T-shirt yarn bag with imitation jewelry

Pattern for a T-shirt yarn bag with jewelry

In T-shirt yarn blog we have seen various kinds of bags made with recycled fabric, and today we are going to share with you a new design which includes imitation jewelry in it. It is a beautiful and elegant bag, isn´t it? So that’s why we invite you to follow tres-adorable’s instructions to make this gorgeous bag in a few steps. Continue reading

Ideas for T-shirt yarn Christmas decoration

Ideas for T-shirt yarn Christmas decoration

Christmas is here and sure enough you want to decorate your house for this holiday, that’s why we are going to share with you some beautiful and modern ideas to make Christmas decoration using T-shirt yarn. With recycled fabric you can make a garland, decorations for the tree, a Christmas messages board, wreaths and other crafts to make your home look nice and warm for the holidays. Continue reading

T-shirt yarn cover for a swiss ball

t-shirt yarn cover

If you own a swiss ball -and use it- you know for sure how good it is for exercising and to decrease back pain. But this device has a disadvantage: texture, because rubber is not comfortable either in summer or winter. A T-shirt yarn cover for a swiss ball is an excellent solution, besides, it’s so pretty that you can use it as an ornament for home. Continue reading

T-shirt yarn wreath

T-shirt yarn wreath

I love wreaths, because you can use the traditional garment as a christmas decoration or customize them to enhance your front door in any season of the year. Wreath -as an ornament- has a religious meaning, but also it has other meanings like: eternity, season change and the begining of a cycle.

If you -like me- are a fan of wreaths, you will love this idea: make a T-shirt yarn wreath to decorate your house. Continue reading