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Tips for Ironing a t-shirt yarn basket


This is an excellent advice from a craftsman to make perfect t-shirt yarn baskets: use a steam iron to improve and match the fabric. With this trick the baskets become more rigid and improve its texture and appearance, such is the result in this beautiful basket created by Siniemilia. Continue reading

Schemes of t-shirt yarn baskets with handles


T-shirt yarn baskets with handles have a lot of uses, either for decoration or to organize objects to maintain order in your house. You can use this kind of baskets for toys (so the children can easily carry them from one side to another), for dirty clothes, for sewing objects, etc. Anyway… each person can give the t-shirt yarn baskets the utility they like and at the same time keep their home clear and tidy using a beautiful object made with crochet and recycled fabric. Continue reading

How to make T-shirt yarn baskets without sewing

How to make T-shirt yarn baskets without sewing

I’m pretty sure you have seen -and love- all the models of T-shirt yarn baskets that we shared in previous articles, and that’s why we are going to teach you a new technique to make them without sewing.

With this technique you can make other objects like placemats, coasters, mats, rugs and handbags; just wrapping the fabric strips in the structure.

Look how easy it is. Continue reading

Variations in fabric and rope baskets

Variations in fabric and rope baskets

Handmade rope and fabric baskets are among the oldest techniques of basket weaving with recycled fabric, but today the work is easier because we have large rolls of fabric strips. These handmade baskets are very beautiful and rustic, a perfect choice to use at home as a decorative utility. With this technique, as you can see, you can make bags, mats and other accessories. Continue reading