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Amigurumi: 2-needle t-shirt yarn lambs


These nice t-shirt yarn lambs are not woven like conventional amigurumis, because first you´ll have to make a flat fabric with garter stitches made with two needles and then sew them and fill them to form the dolls to decorate or for the children to play. Continue reading

XL Amigurumi patterns

Amigurumi XXL patterns

All crochet dolls are adorable, but the XL amigurumis offer great possibilities when knitting: can be made in large sizes and are perfect to make animal shaped cushions or “pets” to give to the kids (or adults that like dolls).

Today we will share this creations in XXL crochet, woven T-Shirt yarn pets, which can be done by following these XL amigurumi patterns. Continue reading