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Vintage style with t-shirt yarn


Costume jewelery, accessories and vintage garments are so feminine and beautiful that they don´t go out of fashion, and you can also make vintage pieces with fabric to create a romantic and delicate bijou. But how to combine the t-shirt yarn to achieve complements or vintage jewelery? Continue reading

Easy and original jewelry made with t-shirt yarn


This model of pendant with clasps is undoubtedly an original idea for making jewelry with t-shirt yarn, but it’s not the only one, because with t-shirt yarn you can make modern accessories with great style that are very easy to reproduce. Today you’ll see inspiring ideas to create simple, original and very modern jewelry with t-shirt yarn. Continue reading

Recycled fabric hair accessories

Recycled fabric hair accessories

Hair accessories made with recycled fabric are modern and really fun to make. You can make braids of 3, 4 or 5 strips to create simple accessories or make fabric flowers to decorate diadems and hair brooches. If you want to see more ideas, keep reading and enjoy these hair accessories made with recycled fabric. Continue reading

Accessories made of T-shirt yarn and chains (products, tutorials and videos)

Accessories made of T-shirt yarn and chains (products tutorials and videos)

T-shirt yarn and chains are a great combination for making jewelry. With these materials you can achieve a piece with the shine of metal and the color of recycled fabric. If you like this idea keep reading, because today we are going to share with you some tutorials and videos to learn how to make accessories with chains and recycled fabric. Continue reading

How to make textile beads

How to make textile beads

Using T-shirt yarn, felt scraps and other kinds of fabric you can make textile beads to create ecologic jewelry. There are many ways to make beads with recycled fabric: sewing, wrapping, or making a braid with the fabric strips; today we are going to share ideas and tutorials to learn to make this kind of beads. Continue reading

An easy way to make a bracelet with recycled fabric

An easy way to make a bracelet with recycled fabric

With two strips of recycled fabric you can learn this easy way to make a bracelet, you just have to choose 2 colors of your preference and follow the steps we are going to share with you. The advantage is that you don’t need to know how to crochet or make any macramé knots, so let’s start. Continue reading

Braid of 4 strips

4 strips braid

If you are a beginner using T-shirt yarn you must start practicing with easy projects, one of them is to create accessories with a braid of 4 strips, like these beautiful belts that deliacretaes shares with us.

With a T-shirt yarn braid you can make hair accessories and bracelets, and using a group of braids you can achieve bigger projects like rugs, tablecloths and functional items for your home. Continue reading