T-shirt yarn wreath

T-shirt yarn wreath

I love wreaths, because you can use the traditional garment as a christmas decoration or customize them to enhance your front door in any season of the year. Wreath -as an ornament- has a religious meaning, but also it has other meanings like: eternity, season change and the begining of a cycle.

If you -like me- are a fan of wreaths, you will love this idea: make a T-shirt yarn wreath to decorate your house.

T-shirt yarn wreath

To make a T-shirt yarn wreath you will need a circular base (foam or styrofoam), you can find it at a craft store or make one by yourself. Also, you can use recycle cardboard to make the base, as you can see in the photo at the final of the article.

Depending of the type of decoration you will need to use another material, besides T-shirt yarn. For example, I like to decorate my wreaths with dry leaves and branches, rolling them up in the base.


The main idea in this case is to decorate the base completely with T-shirt yarn. You can use knots, fringes or fabric balls to make the decoration. There are many ways to make wreaths, so, using your imagination you will be able to make beautiful wreaths for your house.



You can use these wreaths to decorate a door or a wall, if you use various wreaths in one place you can achieve a really nice decorative set.


Here we have various ideas of T-shirt yarn wreaths for decorating your house, so, get inspired and start making your own version.

Images: nousevamyrsky, ladycrochet, crunchyfrugalist, lovelylula

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