T-Shirt yarn wool slippers and slipper-socks

T-Shirt yarn shoes and slippers

Most people use slipper-socks to sleep with warm feet, and most use slippers to stay in the house. Today we are going to show you how to use recycled fabric to make slipper-socks, slippers and many models of sandals.

Here are some ideas, as there are many models to choose from…and you can make them for your kids or yourselves.

T-Shirt yarn Slippers

The slippers in the cover are made with recycled fabric and some crochet flowers. Unfortunately, there is no scheme of this work, but there are more ideas for making slippers, like these booties, a very original model made using recycled fabric strips.


If the slippers are for a girl, there’s no better model than these pink woven slippers.


I love the idea of making slippers with T-Shirt yarn, and luckily found between these models a scheme to make these slippers with crochet. They are open and comfortable shoes for use indoors. Let see it step by step:





Start weaving the base facing the scheme, weave all the parts separately and then join them. This is an excellent work for those who are beginners in the world of crochet,

original (1)

This is the outline of the slippers. If you want to print full size, click on the image to open it in another window.

In this picture we see the model of the finished crochet slippers decorated with little flowers and leaves.


Other models and schemes to make shoes are in this link and here we have the step by step to make cloth sandals.

Source: liveinternet

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