T-shirt yarn toy for pets


This homemade pet toy is perfect for entertaining our furry friends as no dog or cat (or really just about any pet) would resist playing with a soft object, which they can chew on and carry anywhere with ease.

Following the instructions that we give you below you’ll learn in an easy way how to make a toy for pets with t-shirt yarn.

T-shirt yarn toy for pets


  • T-shirt.
  • Scissors.

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Step by step:

Cut 20 strips of t-shirt yarn 50 cm long (the size of the strips can vary if you want to make a smaller or larger toy). You can also use more or fewer strips if you want to change the thickness of the toy.

Join all the strips at one end, leave about 10 cm free and make a knot to tie the strips.

You can roll or braid the strips to give the toy firmness, make a large knot leaving another 10 cm free at the other end.

Another variation is to make several knots in a row throughout the toy.

As you see, it’s an easy way to make toys for our pets in an inexpensive way.


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