T-shirt yarn schemes: practical woven organizers


It’s essential to have in your house organizers and baskets to store objects, for example, fabric bags for clothes that you have to wash. These bags are perfect for that purpose as they can be hung anywhere and are also decorative. In addition to this utility, you can use them as organizers of objects, for example, to save the scrolls and everything you want to keep organized in one place.

T-shirt yarn bags for washing

An excellent idea to weave a practical and decorative utility for your house is a bag where you can store the clothes that wait to go to the washing machine or to the laundry. In this way, you can have the clothes for washing organized and, although it’s in sight it does not disturb, and it even decorates the place where we keep it.


You can find the step by step of the crochet stitches to make this bag of t-shirt yarn to save the clothes for the wash in bekkibjarnoll’s blog.


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There are two ways to finish the top, one of them is to wrap the t-shirt yarn in the small handle to reinforce it, that depends on the model you want to do (and the amount of clothes you have to wash).


Find the scheme to make the blue crochet bag to organize items on this link: bekkibjarnoll’s bag


This is another interesting idea to work with crochet and t-shirt yarn to keep your home cute and tidy.

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