T-shirt yarn scarfs


A scarf never comes bad in any season, it’s enough to make the fabric more or less tight or weave it open to use as a scarf-collar fresher. For all our friends who want to start planning their scarf projects with t-shirt yarn, today we bring you several ideas and patterns so you can get down to work.

T-shirt yarn scarfs

We will never forget our first weaving project. It probably is a scarf, it’s logical: is very easy to make because it admits many stitches, as in this cover model found in the sweetandsimplestuff blog

A t-shirt yarn scarf can also be decorated with strips of fabric, creating a very chic and original design like the one you can see on Kierratyskeskus’ blog


I love this long scarf of combined recycled fabrics, super long, of geknittin. I imagine it super warm and you can use it as a blanket huddled in an armchair… without losing the elegance!


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Scarf necklace

These are very modern models of Saako scarf necklaces. Worthy of admiration, they are really beautiful and have a futuristic look. You can see more models like this one on the Saako blog.



Scarves for men

This tutorial to weave a male t-shirt yarn scarf is found in this make-one link.  A beautiful gift for them…


This is another scarf-necklace model with triangular front that you can find via stefaniejapel.  It’s very cute and doesn’t seem very difficult to make.


Scarf made with loom

Another option for those who don’t want to knit is to make a fabric scarf with a homemade loom, very easy to assemble using only a small board and nails.


Pattern for scarf necklace


In lvly you can find a pattern to weave a necklace scarf that looks super warm and is truly beautiful.

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