T-shirt yarn rugs for children


With the tied fabric technique we can also make rugs of the most varied and colorful designs, ideal for children’s bedrooms. The kids will have a warm and comfortable rug to play with and we´ll make an original and beautiful recycled fabric creation to decorate our house.

Look at what beautiful models of tied fabric rugs for children we can make with different structures (we can even use eva foam to make them!)

T-shirt yarn rugs for children

Rugs for boys or girls with their favorite characters, such as kitty on the cover photo, a design that we can see in robertacrocheecia´s blog. There we also find an adorable Pucca rug and other models of T-shirt yarn rugs for boys and girls.



Car mat from flickr

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In these tied fabric rugs, eva foam has been used to make the base, which we drill holes and tie the fabric strips. This sheep mat is available in airu´s store.



120 (1)

T-shirt yarn rugs for children by detudoumpouco-claudet

With a simple drawing we can make a fantastic rug that children will love. And if we capture the tastes of children in it, the result will be great.


Ladybug rug by castellodepet


Puppy rug by comofazerartesanatos is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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