T-Shirt yarn knotted rugs models

T-Shirt yarn knotted rugs

T-Shirt yarn rugs with fringes are really easy to make, but is not necessary to make them in just one form or color. The butterfly rug in the cover is the proof that with this technique you can make beautiful, funny and different designs of rugs.

T-Shirt yarn fringed rugs


To make a fringed rug you need a rack to use as a base, just cut the fabric strips and tie them in the back, forming the design.


If you want to see an easy way to make it visit this link: How to make T-Shirt yarn fringed rugs


These models are really beautiful and creative. Also we have found a design to make a fluffy rug with a base of a short hair rug.


These ideas are really inspiring to create your own designs for original rugs for the house.


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