T-shirt yarn heart (to decorate fabrics)


This heart made of t-shirt yarn is ideal to decorate fabric bags, baskets, carpets and any other accessory made with recycled fabric. This heart made of strips of fringed fabric is very beautiful and is a detail that will give color to creations in t-shit yarn woven in crochet, with two needles or loom. Let’s see how to make this cute little heart with strips of fabric in pink, fuchsia, red or the colors you like.

T-shirt yarn heart to decorate fabrics

Begin by cutting fabric strips to a measure of about 5 centimeters. If the t-shirt yarn is very thick, cut it in half. To make this fringed heart alimero has used fabric strips with a thickness of 1 cm.


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Then you pass the strips one by one through the fabric, using a crochet needle.


Make a knot…


And repeat the procedure at the next point, until you achieve the shape of the heart.


This is a simple procedure with a beautiful and decorative result.

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Images: trapillo

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