T-shirt yarn Halloween projects


Today we are going to share with you a crochet pumpkin woven with t-shirt yarn, crafts for children with recycled fabric and more projects to prepare in advance to enjoy Halloween with our children. We’ll see these ideas to make a special celebration and decorate the house so that the little ones have fun and spend an unforgettable night of “Trick or Treat”.

Crafts for Halloween with t-shirt yarn

An idea for moms, aunts or grandmothers to make a beautiful and special decoration for Halloween. Knit pumpkins to create a typical Halloween atmosphere.

This project can be found in this graciousrain link.

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A t-shirt yarn craft for Halloween that children can make easily: Nice little monsters made with fabric strips and movable eyes, adorable!

We can learn how to make this craft and teach the children how to make it just following this craftsncoffee tutorial.


We can make a spider web with thread, as we can see on this page of instructables but I bet it will be more beautiful and resistant if we make it with a recycled fabric.

From there the children will be able to hang spiders and we can even hang the candies so the kids try to reach them and get their Halloween prize.


T-shirtyarn.com is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

In this celebration you can’t miss the decorative crowns and if we want to make a crown with t-shirt yarn for Halloween we can follow this model that lovelylula shares.

We use a foam structure for this, line it with t-shirt yarn strips and add decorations, we can hang it on the door of the house and welcome the children who come to “Trick or Treat”.


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