T-shirt yarn hair ornament


To make this beautiful headband you don’t need a lot of things. We’re only going to use a piece of fabric, which can be felt or something similar (it must be a little stiff for the ornament to hold), also, you’ll need many strips of fabric about an inch and a half long (it depends on how fluffy you want the bow of the headband), thread, needle (or glue) and a headband or a hairclip.

You already know that you can obtain t-shirt yarn from a shirt that you no longer use, you simply have to cut long strips and start splitting them until they are the length that we suggested before or the one you prefer. Ideally, use recycled materials.

T-shirt yarn hair ornament


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1. Begin cutting 2 ovals of the same size from the felt or fabric you have chosen, in the images you see an oval but the shape is chosen by you.

2. Sew them around the edges, as shown in the image so that it’s a little thicker and you can hold the bow more firmly.

15.2-copia3. Then you should start to give a few stitches to each of the pieces of fabric to cover the ovals that you cut in the previous steps. You can make it in one color or in several shades, it all depends on your creativity and your taste.


4. When you have completely covered your oval (you can do it the way you want, a heart, a butterfly, a flower, etc.), it’s time to stick it on the headband. You can stitch it together by joining the bottom of the bow with the headband or you can also use glue, if you prefer.


You can also buy a hairclip or use one you already have, if you prefer not to use the headband.


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