T-shirt yarn hair accessories


There are many possibilities to make accessories with fabric. In this article you´ll see two different models of hairbands. Check them out, choose the one you like the most and start working.

You only need a plastic headband, some fabric (it can be from a shirt you don’t use anymore), glue and scissors.


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The first step is to make the fabric strips. Cut strips about a centimeter wide and carefully begin wrapping the headband with it. You must use glue on both ends of the headband.


In this step, you can use strips of fabric of different colors or the same color that you used in the previous step. Take 3 strips and knot them at one end, then start braiding -just like you do with your hair- and knot the end as well.


Finally, you must glue the braid to the headband and voila, you have a beautiful accessory.


The other way to make hairbands that you´ll see is just as simple. You can take an old shirt and cut a strip -as wide as you want- measure the diameter of your head with it and give it a few stitches to close it according to the measurement you took.


On the other hand, take another strip of fabric and twist it. Finally, roll it up on itself. You´ll see that it takes the form of a kind of flower. Glue the ends of the flower and then you can sew it to the band that you had cut before.


You can put as many flowers as you want and to make them it´s also possible to cut some circles from the fabric and glue them one on top of the other. Crinkle them until they get the shape you want and use glue to keep them that way. To see this process in more detail, click here.

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