T-shirt yarn garments and sweaters decorated with fabric strips


Garments woven with fabric strips can be used both in summer and winter. The tighter the stitch the warmer it is and viceversa, achieveing a fresher piece for a mid-season.

Today we are going to admire artisan work made with recycled fabrics of original confection and innovative design: beautiful creations in garments with fabric strips to wear.

T-shirt yarn garments

On the cover photo you can see a perfectly made t-shirt yarn sweater by aamukahvilla and other models in Modern sweaters in recycled fabric.



Here’s another XL knitted sweater model by touteenfouinesse.


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Garments decorated with fabric strips

In addition to making a sweater from scratch, we can also decorate it with fabric strips. Check out beautiful ideas in how to decorate a sweater by inspirationalization and unjerseiquepica´s blog.




You can see a nice idea to decorate a sweater with a special Tulle cloth or a light cloth in mtdata.


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Images: trapillo

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