T-shirt yarn for children: 3 easy and fun projects


All children love making crafts and adults enjoy seeing how they have fun, and we can teach them many things whether it’s using materials to recycle, working with their hands and enhancing their creativity and motor skills.

Today you’ll see 3 projects to make crafts with fabric for children in which the adults can also help, spend time with the kids and have fun together creating jewelry or ornaments for the house.

3 projects to make crafts with fabric for children

Easy t-shirt yarn bracelets

In this tutorial children can learn how to make bracelets with t-shirt yarn and colored beads in a very simple way. And both girls and boys will love it. You can see the step by step of this idea in this link to skiptomylou.


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Giant t-shirt yarn dreamcatcher

A hilarious idea that kids can make using a hula hoop. The recycled fabric is wrapped around the hoop and woven as a loom, very easily, and then feathers made by children are added to finish the decoration.

Find the step by step to make a dreamcatcher with recycled fabric at club.chicacircle.


Decorations with fabric pompoms

With fabric pompoms made with an easy method children can create necklaces, pendants, mobiles and other fun decorations that will give a touch of joy to any space in the house. A step by step very nice, simple and friendly that shows us beadandcord.com in this tutorial.


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If kids get bored this weekend, you already know a few ideas to show them to make crafts with t-shirt yarn. And the advantage for moms is that working with fabric┬áisn’t a dangerous job (just give them round-nosed scissors) and can keep children entertained while enhancing their creativity and help them to start creating art with their little hands.

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