T-shirt yarn flower pots

T-shirt yarn flower pots

With T-shirt yarn you can make flower pots or decorate the containers you use for the plants. A T-shirt yarn pot is a gorgeous object to decor our home and use both inside and outside the house (just using a drainage to keep the fabric in good condition).

Today we are going to see new ways to use recycled fabric: making a pot and creating a cover to decor the containers for plants.

Recycled fabric pots

At the cover photo you can see a red pot with a drainage inside the weave, this way, when you water the plants, you make sure that the bottom part of the fabric doesn’t get any damage.

There are many ways to make a drainage for a T-shirt yarn pot, the easiest is to put a plate in the bottom of the pot to contain the water.


An excellent idea to make a decorative pot is to weave the pot and add braid strips to hang it. The final product is really beautiful, and if the plant doesn’t require so much water you can add a plastic cover in the inside of the pot to protect the fabric.


Another way to make a T-shirt yarn pot is creating a basket with knotted fabric strips, in this case you can use hemp to make a rustic pot.


Making a recycled fabric pot is an excellent idea to decor our home and keep the plants in good shape.


Images: suomela, nuppuhome, gedil

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