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A great idea to renew a dress or garments that you want to update is to make a decoration with t-shirt yarn combining colors and leaving fringes that look super modern. More and more you can see clothes with t-shirt yarn on the runways, and today you’ll learn to do it by renewing a dress with strips of fabric.

Renew a dress with t-shirt yarn

To tie up with t-shirt yarn (in this case in a dress) start making 2 cuts below the shoulder seam. Each cut should be approximately 2.5 cm and the space between each cut should be 5 cm.

Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY

Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY

From these two incisions pass a bundle of strips of cloth of 35 centimeters long.

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Then measure another 5 centimeters after the cut and make 4 or 5 small incisions (as many strips you are going to use), there you’ll pass the strips; then, make the same number of incisions and pass the strips in reverse order. The last strip is used to wrap the others to achieve this shape:

Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY

So continue passing the strips through the cuts made on the fabric creating a design. To achieve this model cut the front again and pass the strips separately, or in pairs. On the opposite shoulder, finish as you did at the beginning to achieve a symmetrical design.

copyright by fashion.onblog.at

copyright by fashion.onblog.at

This is the finished model. And with this technique you can make infinite variations, simple or more complex to decorate dresses, pants and other kind of clothing.

copyright by fashion.onblog.at

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