T-shirt yarn crochet bedspreads

T-shirt yarn crochet bedspreads

A bedspread is a really good project to practice weaving with 2 needles, because you can use different types of stitches to achieve various models of bedspreads. In that way you can make bedspreads for any season of the year, with open stitches for the summer and closer stitches for the winter.

To make this kind of bedspreads you will need T-shirt yarn, needles and a lot of time, because you need to be patient to make this big project.

T-shirt yarn bedspreads

If T-shirt yarn is useful to make rugs and tablecloths you can also use it to make a bedspread or a chair cover, the only thing you have to do is weave the fabric strips in the same way you weave wool.


You can make variations in the weave in so many forms, for example, combining colors and stitches. An great idea is to make a classic bedspread with crochet squares, or make an open stitch to create a beautiful cover chair to decorate the house.

If you look carefully in the previous image you can see a little cat that has found refuge under the bedspread, so this is a good way to keep your pets warm too.


I hope you like this gorgeous idea and make your own bedspreads using T-shirt yarn.

Images: reinoliin, softesbones

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