T-shirt yarn crafts for the kitchen

T-shirt yarn crafts for the kitchen

You can use T-shirt yarn to create decorative and functional pieces to use in the kitchen, for example, a recycled fabric square can be used as a coaster or a tablecloth; but there exist so many crafts with recycled fabric that you can make to use in the kitchen.

T-shirt yarn crafts for the kitchen

In the cover photo you can see a great idea to use T-shirt yarn in the kitchen: weave covers for the containers you use to put hot foods or hot liquids.




Another idea is to make towels with T-shirt yarn to take off the pots when they are in stove, they are functional and at the same time decorative.


If you know how to crochet these bases for eggs are the perfect project to make, these bases are decorative and protect the eggs until you use them.


You can find the tutorial to make these bases in workshopsalkmaar’s blog.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and try to make several T-shirt yarn objects to use in the kitchen.

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Images: flickr, workshopsalkmaar, jujia23

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