T-shirt yarn crafts for kids

T-shirt yarn crafts for kids

Using T-shirt yarn the kids can have a great time making various projects and crafts, and at the same time, the parents can share a creative time teaching them how to use recycled materials for creating.

Today we are going to share with you some crafts for kids to use T-shirt yarn: a nice octopus, a pencil holder, fabric pompoms and other ideas that they will love for sure.

T-shirt yarn crafts for kids

Kids are able to work with T-shirt yarn for having fun, enjoying a great time with their parents and developing their fine movements; to achieve these goals you can help them with some easy crafts, for example: you can show them how to make braids and then using the braids to play.

A craft they can make is this nice octopus using a ball and fabric strips.


To make the octopus you have to make braids, tie them, add a ball to form the head and make the neck with a fabric strip.

To finish the octopus just let the fabric strips fall free to simulate the tentacles. To add the final decorations (eyes, mouth, etc.) you can use googly eyes, buttons and other materials of your liking.


Another craft for children is to make a pencil holder. They just have to cover a recipient with fabric strips and glue, to finish it make a bow and it is ready to use.


Is not difficult to make fabric pompoms and you can help your children to make beautiful and funny decorations with pompoms of various colors. In the links at the end of the article you can find the instructions to make pompoms and other crafts for kids using T-shirt yarn.

The image at the cover is from allourdays, in this blog you can find a lot of ideas to work with T-shirt yarn.

Source octopus: haakathome

Source pencil holder: facebook

Source pompoms: craftaholicsanonymous

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