T-shirt yarn cover for a swiss ball

t-shirt yarn cover

If you own a swiss ball -and use it- you know for sure how good it is for exercising and to decrease back pain. But this device has a disadvantage: texture, because rubber is not comfortable either in summer or winter. A T-shirt yarn cover for a swiss ball is an excellent solution, besides, it’s so pretty that you can use it as an ornament for home.

T-shirt yarn cover for a swiss ball


If you are an experienced weaver you won´t find difficult making this cover. First, you have to create a chain, close with a slip stitch and continue with half double stitches, increasing their size until cover half of the swiss ball.


At this point you must introduce the ball to the weave and then decrease the size of the stitches until you cover the entire ball.

This is a simple way to make a T-shirt yarn cover for a swiss ball, an excellent idea to those who like to exercise at home.


If you want to check the step by step to make this kind of cover you can see stitchingthenightaway’s tutorial.

I hope you like this idea and make this original and beautiful cover.

Images: poljanpuuhi, mummoshop

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  1. Hamoyen

    hi there! love ur blog & your ideas :). how much yarn do u recokon i’ll need for this swiss ball cover?

    happy crocheting!



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