T-Shirt yarn brooch for kimonos

T-Shirt yarn brooch for kimonos

For those who, like me, dream of having a Japanese kimono or a Chinese jacket, here is something to start: the instructions to make a brooch for kimonos using T-Shirt yarn.

Brooch for kimonos

With T-Shirt yarn you can make these brooches that you can see in the garments used to practice martial arts, and of course, you can use the brooch for a kimono.

Start sewing a long fabric strip double wrapped, this step allows you to make several brooches.


Then roll up the fabric to form the knot and make a brooch with a ball and a tie clasp.



The last section is carried back to front to pass through the center. Then sewn on the back. This is the loop.


It only remains to learn how to make the knot ball, which serves as the button.

In Los Abalorios (the blog is in spanish) you can see a step by step to learn how to make the round knot.


Now, we need to buy a beautiful Chinese silk, get a coat pattern and make one of these garments very comfortable and fashionable with a brooch made with T-Shirt yarn.

Source: hobby-mix

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