T-shirt yarn beds for pets


Today we’ll dedicate it to our pets who need a warm place to sleep, and what better way to provide them with comfort than to weave a t-shirt yarn house for them? The image we see on the cover photo of a cat house is cute and we can weave it with buddyrumi’s pattern. We also have other options to make our pets beds or spaces for them to feel comfortable.

T-shirt yarn beds for pets


Here is an option similar to the house on the cover photo, easier to weave, check it out in this link to buddyrumi. In this blog they have not only knitted this cute house for a cat but they have also made a front garden for the kitten to sleep outside or play, as all kitties do.


If you need a step-by-step guide to making a t-shirt yarn pet house see this article from guertanicaencentroeuropa where they teach us how to make this basket for pets.


More options to take into account when making a bed or house for dogs or cats with yarn that we find in stranamam:



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And our kitten will be delighted to have a ball of yarn to play with. It’s the perfect gift!


Yarn ball for cats in tomacreations

If you want to see more ideas of T-shirt yarn beds for pets check out: Comfortable basket for cats and dogs, Eileinteen’s Pet Nest or Toys with yarn.

Now let’s go to pamper our little animals by weaving houses, beds or toys with which they can have fun.

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