T-Shirt yarn bags models

T-Shirt yarn bags models

Many of our friends from T-Shirt yarn Blog make beautiful handbags with this material, we have already seen many models on the web. But the ideas for T-Shirt yarn handbags are neverending and getting some inspiration from other bags is useful for creating modern recycled fabric complements and innovative designs; that’s why today we are going to see various models of T-Shirt yarn bags, handbags and purses with recycled fabric.

T-Shirt yarn bags models

The classical models of T-Shirt yarn bags are made in crochet using a fabric handle braided strap or a T-Shirt yarn loop for bags.



The handle, as shown, can also be covered with strips of cloth, this is a perfect tip for reusing an old handle that we dislike.


This is a very interesting model made in macrame with strips of cloth. For those who do not have much practice with crochet, macrame is an excellent choice.


A good idea is to make a mixed bag: half cloth, half T-Shirt yarn. And the details that have been added to this purse are lovely: crochet balls and beads.


Finally, this heart is a very nice model, it was made with fabrics strips sewn together.


Other models of T-Shirt yarn bags are made by sewing fabric strips. The result is very similar to knotted rugs, they are beautiful, have a great texture, and are original and very modern.







Images: reciclartliveinternetalittlemarket, webchiemflickr.

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