Stitch to embroider with T-Shirt yarn


T-Shirt yarn embroidery is an excellent choice when decorating with recycled fabric. With diverse kinds of stitch you can achieve very beautiful decorations on pillows, rugs, lamps, throws and most diverse objects imaginable.

Today we are going to look at some ideas to decorate cushions with T-Shirt yarn embroidery and a stitch you can use to do it.

Embroidery on cushions

The stitch is made by folding the fabric strip like an accordion and sew on the cushion to a design previously drawn on the canvas.


The color scheme is critical to achieve these designs. In the pumpkin pillow we have combined various shades of orange, beige and red only to make the main form. As you can see the cloth strip has a certain thickness and texture.


This snow man is adorable, the stitch is very neat and clear and shows the skill of the craftsman.

This is an example of embroidery on canvas, in this case the colors are formed on the design drawn on the fabric.


Here is another model finished.

Look at the color scheme in the apples, isn`t it nice to see this craft made so skillfully?


Images: feichen, commonground.

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