Step by step of 5 different t-shirt yarn baskets

3a1The models of t-shirt yarn baskets we are going to share today are adorable in addition to being super decorative and modern.

Today we´ll share several step by step to make t-shirt yarn baskets with their links to see the instructions, to follow them with patience and neatness. The goal is to achieve a beautiful XL basket for your house or to make a very special gift.

T-shirt yarn baskets patterns

T-shirt yarn baskets have many uses and are certainly practical as you can wash and use them again. They are also very useful when it comes to organizing because you can store everything there.


The pattern for this oval shaped bread basket is found on this yarnfreak post.


To make this rectangular basket check out this tutorial with step by step instructions.

In addition to being very clear and simple with this pattern you´ll achieve a beautiful basket to give it endless uses: organizer, basket for clothes, cosmetics, toys, etc.


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Only for advanced knitters: this basket is perfect to use as a centerpiece (although it´s very useful to make a comfortable bed for a cat). Find the this step by step in lvlyblog.


Here is another tutorial to make a t-shirt yarn organizer basket. The original post is in spanish, just clic on this link to translate it.


Finally, you´ll see a basket that is made with wire and cloth, and more important: a no sew project. It´s a simple craft to make with t-shirt yarn and in this case with a decorative utility: a nest to put in a corner of the house.

The tutorial is in Portuguese and you can find the translated version in this link to viladoartesao.


These are various ways of making t-shirt yarn baskets of different complexity to create these beautiful hand-knitted accessories for your home or to give away at parties.

I am sure that anyone will be more than happy to receive as a gift a t-shirt yarn basket made with love.

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Images: trapillo

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