Step by step crochet: starting knot and chain stitch

Step by step crochet starting knot and chain stitch

If you are a beginner weaver, you must know the basic stitches to start your practice in crochet, that is why we are going to share with you the main stitches, so you can practice with fabric strips in order to acquire skill, speed and tidiness in your work.

To weave fabric strips you need an XL crochet hook, you can find it in

Now let’s start with two main stitches in crochet: starting knot and chain stitch.

Starting knot and chain stitch

You are going to begin any crochet work with the starting knot, to do it just make two loops, insert the fabric strip in the second loop and pass it through the first loop. From this point you can start the chain stitch.



To continue with the first chain stitch, you have to attach the fabric strip in the hook and pass it through the loop that is already in the hook.




Repeat this step to form a crochet chain.

The length of the chain is determined by the kind of weaving you are going to make, for example, if you need to make a round shape you have to weave a short chain and then close; but don´t worry, because bit by bit we are going to show you how to make the different stitches you can use in crochet.


If you are an experienced weaver, please leave your recommendations in the comments below to help our beginner weavers.

Until the next post.

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