Step by step crochet: single crochet

Crochet step by step single crochet

Today we will continue with another basic crochet stitch that you can use to weave with recycled fabric strips. The single crochet stitch allows you to make simple weaves and is an important part of advanced crochet schemes, the abbreviation of this stitch is sc and is represented in the schemes by a letter “X” or a cross.

This is the step by step to make the single crochet stitch, a basic stitch to learn how to weave with T-shirt yarn.

Single crochet

To begin you have to make a starting knot and a chain stitch.


Depending on the kind of weave you are going to make, you have to make the chain as large as you want, then, make a loop and add one more chain stitch.


At this point you have to turn around the weave as you can see in the image.


You are going to start the stitch in the second chain stitch (you need to skip the first chain stitch).


Now you have 2 points in the hook, make a loop.


And pass the thread trough the 2 points.


Repeat this step until you finish the row.


Make another loop to continue with another row.


Turn around the weave and start in the second stitch, making a loop and passing the thread through the points.

With this stitch you can make simple accessories like a tablecloth or a rug.

Generally, this stitch is combined with the chain stitch, so you can make one row with the chain stitch and then another row with the single stitch; intercalating each row until you finish the weave.


This stitch is also useful to make a round weave; soon we are going to share with you how to do it here in

If you have any tips to make this stitch easier please share them with us in the section comments below.

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