Simple recycled fabric scarf


If you have t-shirt yarn or a cotton t-shirt that you don’t use, you already have the materials to make a simple scarf. The model that we share with you today is very easy to make and you can have an original scarf by following a few steps.

Simple recycled fabric scarf


  • T-shirt yarn or a cotton t-shirt.
  • Scissors.

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Step by step:

If you already have t-shirt yarn, cut 16 strips about 30 cm long.

If you are going to use a t-shirt you’ll have to cut it to make 16 strips of that are 2.5 cm wide by 30 cm long. These measurements may vary depending on the size you want for the scarf so take into account the following step to calculate the measurement of the strips.

Roll each strip in your hand about 3-4 times. Carefully pull it out of your hand to keep it in shape. The more turns the strip has the thicker and shorter the scarf will be, so you’ll probably have to cut more strips to complete it.



Cut smaller, thinner strips to tie the hoops together. Tie all the fabric hoops together to create a chain to complete the scarf.



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