Simple ideas for decoratig with T-Shirt yarn

Ideas t-shirt yarn

This decorated cushion made with T-Shirt yarn in the proof that you don’t need to think in elaborated works to decorate with recycled fabric. With good taste and a little help to inspire us, there are a lot of cute details we can do to our home.

Today, we are going to show you some ideas for decorating with T-Shirt yarn.

Easy ideas for decorating with T-Shirt yarn

Some decorating ideas are beautiful, simple and very creative to make, as this little cushion decorated with a heart.

Another easy idea for decorating a pillow is showing in this tutorial to decor it with rolled fabric flowers.

Ideas t-shirt yarn_1

If you want to learn how to do it, you must see wmcraftgoodies’s tutorial.

Ideas t-shirt yarn_2

Lining stones with T-Shirt yarn is an excellent idea from helenacc. This work was made with T-shirt yarn with different colors and an XXL crochet hook.

You can watch this and other beautiful works from this artist just entering in her blog helenacc.

Ideas t-shirt yarn_3

Finally we see a very nice and easy idea: decorating birthday cakes with recycled fabric flags.

Cute, right? This is an idea from blog.naver

If you have any ideas to share that can help us create and decorate with T-Shirt yarn, just leave them in the comments. We’ll appreciate your contribution and give you a warm welcome to the family.

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