Seams for braided rugs


There are many variations that you can make by braiding fabrics to make a rug and various rug designs that you can achieve. A simple way to make is the round one, but how can you sew it by hand? And how to improve the finishing of the edges, make the corners of the rugs with shapes?

See how useful these diagrams are for variations of the t-shirt yarn braided rugs.

Tips for braided rugs

To make a thick fabric strip carpet you should use a wide fabric with a thick texture, perhaps a woven fabric. Otherwise you can always enlarge the volume of the fabric by placing one strip inside the other to make a fluffier rug, or simply make a braid wit threads of 2 or 3 strips of fabric.

You can find a small and easy braided rug to make in this link, also, you can learn how to make rounded rugs we can learn following with these tips. To sew other shapes here we share some very useful diagrams that teach us how to make the edges and where to sew the braid.

This is a machine sewn braided rug. The machine flattens the fabric a bit, it’s special for large rugs so to get a fluffier rug it´s better to sew it by hand following the diagrams below.


Round rug with “picot” edges


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Flower shaped rug


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As you see in the images, these rugs are sewn following a pattern: you must skip a few turns of the braid to exert the precise pressure to achieve the rug with braids with shapes, picot edges, square shape or castle shape, they are all very original and beautiful.

Castle carpet



Square rug




More information to make these rugs with recycled fabric can be found in Tips and ideas for rugs with braids

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Images: trapillo

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