Schemes for XL crochet rugs


If you are thinking about an easy and useful crochet project with t-shirt yarn, a soft XL crochet rug is the solution. It’s a warm utilitarian decoration that the whole family will enjoy it and it will be an exceptional handmade piece, which is not difficult if you make a simple rug.

This type of crochet rugs with t-shirt yarn are the most elegant ones and you can make them even with the simplest crochet stitches like chains, until the most advanced carpets, in which you must follow a crochet scheme.

Crochet schemes for XL rugs

The rug in the main photo is a valzcorner’s  work and is one of my favorite models. It’s not difficult to make and looks very nice, especially in the bathroom (the utility that has been given to it).


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Another model of crochet rug, made in pastel pink, very elegant, special for the living room or a bedroom for children; you can find it in this link of gillianhamilton 

You can make this beautiful green t-shirt yarn rug following a scheme.


In this page you can see more images on the carpet, there you can see pretty advanced models. Those who dare with this beautiful project, look the instructions that Violettia shares.


If you liked this rug with roses made by marcelonunescrochet, today is your lucky day, because you can see a video step by step to make it in this link to elizamacramemg

Crochet floral rugs


This rug is another original creation of our friend Hellenic who shares in his blog the scheme to make it.

The scheme to make this rug is found in this link to the page of helennacc and the scheme for the next rug, “margarita”, is found in this link


This last crochet rug is a creation of fanaticadeltejido2web


Thank you friends for sharing these wonderful creations so we can follow the crochet schemes to be able to make them .

And if you want to make a rug and don’t have enough practice to make such an advanced project, you can learn an easy way to make them: Chain Braid: The easiest method to make a crochet rug

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Images: trapillo

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