Rugs made with wiggly stitch


You can create with the labyrinth stitch or wiggly stitch these XXL crochet knit designs, ideal for original t-shirt yarn rugs. This requires a base for carpets or grid where the straps are woven with double crochet stitches, which are placed to form various designs as flowers or arabesques.

Wiggly stitch for crochet rugs

To create these beautiful XXL crocheted rugs you have to make long strips with double crochet stitches and fit them to the grid following a design based on a predetermined pattern.

Let’s take a look at some models of rugs made with labyrinth or wiggly stitch.







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How to make the wiggly stitch

As previously explained, the wiggly stitch is made with rods, which are placed on the grid vertically. Here is a diagram for the assembly of the dots to make a labyrinth rug.


If you want to read a detailed explanation of the wiggly stitch you can consult this tutorial of sayverysweetthings.

If you already know how to make the wiggly stitch and you need a pattern to make a rug, here we provide you with a model so you can put it into practice.



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Images: trapillo

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