Rugs made of fabric and wool


This work by Ristirasti is a good idea to make a colorful rug with a single color fabric, joining the strips with multicolored wool, but you can do it in reverse, using several colors of fabric with black, white or colored wool. This is a nice idea to make rugs out of recycled fabric in a fun way, combining colors of wool and fabric.

Fabric and wool rugs

The idea of knitting the t-shirt yarn with wool is found in this beautiful rug in dark colors, creation of Minateinimade.


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These are just two of some many ways to make fabric rugs by combining colors, choosing what will look the nicest for your house and creating a rug with recycled fabric to your liking, using simple crochet stitches.


How do you make a crochet rug? Using chain and single crochet stitches and joining the wool from the previous lap, like a bow. So you have to count: every “X” chains make 1 single crochet, make the same number of chains and add 1 single crochet, and so on.

If you want to leave us your comments on how to make this stitching it’ll be very welcome for all of us who have found this technique interesting.


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Images: trapillo 

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