Rugs made by crochet experts


Today we’ll show you some models of rugs with beautiful designs and perfect completion, made by crochet experts. Each rug is different and unique with the personal seal of its creator and is just a sample of the excellent results that can be achieved by knitting a fabric rug by combining crochet stitches in an original design.

Original crocheted rugs

In these images you can see that each creator has given his own original style to its woven crochet rug. Sadly, there are no schemes to reproduce them because they are unique models. But in these craftwork we show you how to combine crochet stitches to weave advanced XXL crocheted rugs.


Crochet rug by Annukanaurinkoiset.

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Another beautiful model of crochet rug by Annukanaurinkoiset.


Combining so many colors on a t-shirt yarn rug is also for experts, or for advanced makers in crocheted fabric XXL. This is a beautiful model of square carpet that we find in Koukutettu.



You can find this model of rug with crochet circles in our blog. And it’s really for experts: neat in the making, original design and a perfect ending. This carpet is from Annikaisa’s blog.


Finally, here you have this rug woven in crochet, model of Kaunispienielama 



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Images: trapillo

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