Recycled fabric bracelets


With t-shirt yarn (recycled fabric) you can make a great variety of bracelets. There is a range of models and some are so simple that even children can do them. The t-shirt yarn, when decorated with other materials such as chains, lace, buttons, beads, etc., allows you to create beautiful and modern recycled fabric bracelets.

The recycled fabric combinations can be very varied and it depends on the creativity of those who want to work with this new material.


Recycled fabric bracelets


With cute fabric colors, patterns and textures you can achieve different models of stylish bracelets. The addition of a brooch, zamak balls, pendants, chains or beads complete the fine finish to the bracelet.


Another style of bracelets are the simplest models, ideal for a more casual look. They look perfect with jeans, beach wear or jewelry for youngsters.


The techniques for making recycled fabric bracelets are varied, for example we can do a simple braid or use macrame knots (as used in making friendship bracelets).


All models are very cute and that’s the advantage of the material: you can easily make warm, simple and modern accessories with recycled fabric.


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