Recover old chairs using recycled fabric

recuperar-sillas-viejas-con-tela-reciclada-6-226x300Chairs are among the most used objects in the house and it’s common for them to break over time. That’s why today we propose you to recover old chairs using recycled fabric so that you can use your creativity in an extremely useful project, which will save you money and give a personalized touch to your furniture.

Generation-t’s blog brings us this ingenious recycling project, for which you’ll basically need an old wooden chair. You should also get a shirt that you don’t use, scissors and a hammer.


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Reassembling the chair

Step 1. Of a chair what is usually ruined first is the seat and that is what we’ll learn to repair. Remove the seat so that only the chiar’s structure remains. Using the tip of the hammer remove the nails but take into account where they were in the original structure.


Step 2. Cut a T-shirt into 3 to 4 inch wide strips. Next, link the strips by cutting a small hole at each end and passing one through the other. Then stretch the thread so that it wraps around and tie a knot at the end.


Step 3. Tightly wrap one end of the string around one of the seat bars. Starting at one corner weave the thread around two bars on a diagonal crossing them in the center (like making an 8). As you go, tighten the thread more. When you get to the middle, start the process again but from the opposite corner. Then you should use the nails you removed in step 2 and put them back in the same hole they were in to secure the new fabric.


Step 4. Once you have woven the thread of the two opposite corners, there will be a hole in the middle of the seat. To close it, turn the chair over and sew the union of the two sections from one of the open corners (we recommend sewing in a cross shape to secure the fabric well), you can place the chair on top of a table to work comfortably.


Step 5. After sewing, tie the threads and tuck them into the fabric. Congratulations! You already have your renewed chair.

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