Rainbow carpet recipe by Helenacc

Rainbow carpet recipe by Helenacc

Today we’ll appreciate another of the original creations of this friend who very kindly shares the step by step of all her work in order for us to learn and create based on her techniques. We’ll see today a “recipe” to make a very colorful and fun t-shirt yarn carpet that inspires its creator “happines and good things” and she wants us to have the same feeling and inspiration.

Thanks hellennacc for your kindness and for sharing a step by step so beautiful and creative.

Rainbow carpet

Helenna has created a beautiful carpet in various colors of t-shirt yarn with a very original design. Doesn’t it look lovely hanging in her garden?


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Helena, we congratulate you for your beautiful garden and for this carpet, that looks so beautiful with all the colors of the rainbow. For all the you who want to make it, you can enter this link to Eu Também Crocheto to read the step by step.

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Images: trapillo

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