Practical fabric napkin holder


Tired of paper napkins flying to the floor at the first breeze? You don’t want to have them loose on the table during a lunch but you want them to appear well presented? Then you should check out this practical fabric napkin holder, a great idea by inspicreatives. Utility and style come together in a unique project which can be made with cotton thread or T-shirt yarn.


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As you can see in the images the napkin holder is made up of a square basket and a ribbon. The ribbon is mobile and allows the napkins to stay in the basket (it’s optional). If you want to do it, in this link you can find the instructions.

To give this basket an elegant look, the authors have made a detail with raffia on the strip: with 2 meters of this material and 13 cm of elastic you can do this part of the work. Now we’ll see how to make the basket for which you will only need two T-shirt yarn balls and a No. 6 crochet needle.

The basket: step by step

-Work a 17 × 17 cm square in single crochet, that is, 17 rounds of 19 stitches. If you have doubts about how to make the single crochet (or “braided effect” in French) here you will find a simple explanatory drawing.

-Continue in the same way always around the square. In the 8 holes on each side and in all the corners insert a chain stitch between each one. At the beginning of the round, close with a slip stitch.

-Make 7 rounds in single crochet, always working in the same direction. Close each round with a slip stitch.

-Turn the threads inwards.


And that’s it! We just finished our project. An easy and beautiful idea to continue giving life to your home. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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